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  • Supports multiple audio backends (gst,xine, etc…)
  • Supports multiple database backends (mysql,sqlite3,pgsql etc…)
  • Dynamic Playlists – playlists created automatically by Amatory
    • eg. “Newest“ contains the newest additions to your library
    • eg. “Random“ contains a random collection of tracks
  • Active Dynamic Playlists – actively adds tracks to your playlist as you play
    • eg. “Active Similar“ pulls in similar tracks, based on the tracks currently in the playlist using Last.fm “SimilarArtist” relation information. Users can extend this by tagging their own relationships.
  • Coverflow widget shows you Album or Artist artwork for your playlist
  • Offline and Online Last.fm scrobble support
  • Can auto fetch Artist or Album metadata from Last.fm, including images
  • Basic DBUS playback control (Play,Stop,Next, etc…)
  • In playlist tag editing support