Amatory was started by Vikram Ambrose on March 2009 as a replacement for his amarok-1.4 installation on Gnome.

The name “Amatory” was specifically chosen to be a subtle reminder of the inspiration behind the project. Amarok-1.x was the best media player in the world. However it was never designed to be as large and complex as it had become, forcing the developers to rewrite it for Amarok-2.x in order to continue to improve the application. Sadly the simplicity of Amarok-1.x had been lost. Amarok was never easy to build on gnome, with 1.x no longer being supported, it was clearly time for a replacement.

Many fantastic projects sprouted as a result of Amarok-1.x’s demise. Exaile for example is a fantastic alternative with a great set of pluggable features. Banshee, Songbird and many more players joined the open source media player community. However none of them were designed to handle large music collections and be feature rich at the same time.

This is where Amatory comes into the picture. Amatory was designed from ground up to be as fast as possible. Written in GTK+/C using SQL for the collection library, Amatory is even faster than Amarok had ever been. Following in the footsteps of Amarok-1x, Amatory’s familiar interface is intuitive to use and feature rich. Amatory is closely tied to the Last.fm web service to provide album and artist artwork, recommendations and statistics.